What is the SoundCloud Creator Guide?

What is a guide to SoundCloud Creator?

The SoundCloud Creation Guide is a comprehensive resource that helps you maximize your SoundCloud experience. This includes instructions and tips on everything from creating your account to finding your audience to make money from your work. Let us see some useful soundcloud creator tips.

How do I set up my SoundCloud account?

Your SoundCloud Profile is your visual and acoustic introduction to followers, co-makers and industry artists. Here you present your brand through photos and sounds. Completing your account settings is the first step in establishing your SoundCloud presence. To edit your profile, log in to your SoundCloud.com account and look for your username in the upper right corner of the page. Select Profile from the drop-down menu and then click the Edit button on the right to update your information.

Choose the display name and account URL for your account

Your display name and URL are what viewers saw before Streaming your song. Like a personal introduction, this is your chance to leave an unforgettable first impression.

Your display name doesn’t have to be unique, so you don’t need to use the word “official” or number (unless the course number is part of your name). The cleaner your screen name, the better your SoundCloud and other websites and applications will be visible when embedded. Search engines and listeners will also find it easier for you.

Your account URL must be unique, just like your social media handles on platforms like Instagram or Twitter. This will appear in your account link after soundcloud.com/. By choosing a profile URL that is easy to remember and easy to share, you can build and expand your brand. This depends on your chances that search engines like Google will find you, and will help fans understand what they clicked on and how other users can tag you in comments, track information, and BIOS SoundCloud accounts. Would you rather click on an account called @ User9482837482 or @BillieEilish? Choose the profile URL that represents your brand and makes it easier for users to start streaming and sharing your content.

Choose an image for your profile page

The image you want to present is an important part of your brand. You may have been taught “not to judge a book by its cover,” but with so much music, sometimes you need a quick visual file to decide what you want to hear. SoundCloud offers two different options for presenting your brand through images. A profile avatar is your SoundCloud profile picture that shows you across platforms. This is a rounded picture. Therefore, choose photos that are clear and high resolution and fit for the room. A profile header is a banner image on your profile page and a great place to showcase projects that you are promoting, e.g. B. song, album or tour. Keep in mind that your profile header image is a landscape banner that appears behind your profile name and avatar.

Create a bio and add social connections

Your SoundCloud profile is your introduction to fans, fellow artists, and industry. Through music, images and biographies, current and future followers can get to know you better as soon as they land on your site. You can save your biological general or use this area to inform visitors about the latest achievements, the latest releases, or upcoming events.

You can enter your location, contact information, external links to your social network or website in this section – and you can even link your SoundCloud account to Songkick to automatically download it to your tour schedule.

How to choose the right SoundCloud account

Whether you are an artist, label, podcaster or beat maker – we have an account for you. If you are a serious developer trying to build a career and need all the statistics and upload time you can get, SoundCloud Pro Unlimited is probably the way to do it. If you want to record and play your own voice so the world can hear it, Basic might be the best choice. Read on for more information about this option and everything in between.

Podcasting with SoundCloud

Hosting your podcast on SoundCloud is a great way to reach your target audience, attract new fans, interact with listeners, and reduce costs. With a few simple steps, you can start a podcast and take it out into the world.

To encourage listeners to follow your SoundCloud account and leave comments about your podcast, you need to advertise your SoundCloud URL in the introduction or credit of your podcast. This way, fans who find your content on iTunes know that you are on SoundCloud.

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